Our “Grain to bottle” proces makes our base alcohol to make to Iradier and Bulfy Gin have the sweet notes of the barley grain of the country and the typical smoothness of the slow distillations in copper. 


We start with the maceration in our Vodka, and separately, from the different botanists to extract the maximum flavor at the perfect moment.All our flavor comes from natural botanicals, we do not use any type of flavoring, sweetener or chemical additive.First, the local juniper for a classic flavor and full of character. Then, add the botanists inspired by Iradier and Bulfy, originating in Equatorial Africa: Cocoa and Guinea pepper or grains of paradise.Cardamom and coriander seed provide the spicy touch and the lily root gives the earthy hue. The orange peel and the lemon, among others, complete a wave of secondary flavors - the most elegant and complex in a gin - that catch you from the first drink.


In honor of the expeditions of Iradier y Bulfy


"Theobroma Cacao" is the name given to the cacao tree or cacao tree, which means food for the gods in Greek. Very widespread in areas of equatorial Africa, where it gave rise to a highly valued type of native cocoa.The flavor it brings is bitter and very intense. In the distillation it is an exceptional botanist that you will not find in other gins. It complements without any stridency, filling with nuances the classic dry character of the gin and bringing harmony to the rest of the botanists.

Guinea Pepper

Or African pepper, or grains of paradise, ... various names for the melegueta Aframomum. Despite being known as pepper for its appearance, it is not really from the same family. It comes from the coast of Equatorial Africa and is related to ginger. Aromatically powerful, the strongly pungent aroma predominates, it is sweet, earthy, and somewhat citrusy.