In the world of wines, Grand Cru refers to the fact that grape production, winemaking and bottling must be done within the same payment and following strict and specific production standards. All this with the aim of extracting the unique character of the “terroir”. 

And this is the process and raison d’etre of Iradier and Bulfy Vodka, to obtain a vodka that reflects the character of our land. We select only barley from Alava and Navarra and we carry out the whole process from the grain to the bottling in situ, in the same micro-distillery. Our philosophy also includes the commitment to 100% natural ingredients, without chemicals, flavors or sugars.



Only those who travel all the way can understand the direct relationship between making our own alcohol and the final quality of the product. If we did not ferment our own alcohol, we would not understand how important it is to manage the whole process and its effects on the final taste. It is expensive and risky, because fermentation is a delicate process, but it is worth it to produce a product of higher quality and with its own personality, a product that you know 100% the origin of.

We manufacturateour own alcohol

Thanks to the purity of its ingredients and the mastery of slow copper distillations, we achieve the best taste and the subtlest of mouthfeel.


Because we believe that the best distillates can only be born from the best ingredients.

Because it is the local ingredients that give a unique flavor from the character and nobility of the land.

Because we extract our alcohol by fermentation, as it is done in beers or wines, from barley from Álava and Navarra.

Because our alcohol is made in the distillery itself, leaving aside the common practice in the industry of buying alcohol from large industrial spirits (predestined alcohol).

Because Iradier and Bulfy is distilled in an Arnold Holstein copper alembic (Germany) of only 300 liters of capacity to make very limited batches and care.

Because Iradier and Bulfy vodka has the sweet touch and warmth of the earth, like the country's own barley grain.

Crystal clear and of great purity, enjoy it as "sipping vodka" to extract all its nuances: take it alone, and serve it as cold as the heart of your ex ...

Crystal clear and of great purity, enjoy it as "sipping vodka" to extract all its nuances:take it alone, and serve it as cold as the heart of your ex...